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To ensure security and receipt of the ordered item(s), BUY 24-7 will not ship to the following addresses:

a. post office boxes; or
b. address that is not registered with BUY 24-7.*

* If a Customer requests delivery to a Third Party Address please do so in writing via email or facsmile on +61 2 9748 2121.

Customers are responsible for paying all freight charges incurred for refused shipment and unclaimed goods. BUY 24-7 will use best endeavours to deliver on time, however BUY 24-7 is not liable for delay or lost shipment.

Customers are responsible for ensuring a signatory is available to accept and confirm receipt at the delivery address. The Customer must reimburse BUY 24-7 for costs for all redelivery attempts if the delivery address is unattended at the time of first delivery.

7. Return and Refund
Returns for refund must be made within 3 days of the Customer receiving the ordered item. The Customer must specify, on return of the item(s), reasons for return for refund.

The Customer must report any incorrect, missing or damaged item(s) received to BUY 24-7 within 24 hours of receipt of the item(s). The Customer must notify BUY 24-7 by:

a. +61 2 9648 3222; or
b. email

BUY 24-7 reserves the right to refuse a return for refund request.

The return for refund policy does not apply for:

a. Customer's change of mind; or
b. incorrect installation (due to lack of expertise); and
c. did not meet Customer expectation, but in certain circumstances, the branch manager may, in his/ her absolute consider a refund on a case by case basis.

The refunded amount, subject to other deductions set out below, is the price of the refunded item as specified at the time of the placement of an order.

For certain items, a restocking fee ranging from 10 per cent to 20 per cent of the purchase price of the item, will be charged.

Returned goods must be in its original condition and include all the original packaging. Any item that is not sealed must be replaced at the Customers expense. For example, a printer which has had its inks removed and installed into the printer, will require the Customer to purchase a new set of inks prior to returning the item to BUY 24-7.

Shipping and handling cost are the responsibility of the Customer. Please refer to the warranty section for refund procedures regarding Dead On Arrival goods.

If item(s) delivered is not what was ordered, the Customer must not open the sealed package in which the incorrect item was sent.

The following will be taken to be acceptance of the incorrect item(s) as a satisfactory substitute for the ordered item(s) by the Customer and no further claim can be raised thereafter:

a. opening of the sealed packaging of the incorrect item; or
b. use of the incorrect item.

BUY 24-7 owns the title of any incorrect or additional item(s) delivered with your order that have been despatched in error except for deemed acceptance items. The Customer must:

a. immediately notify BUY 24-7 via email; and

b. return such item(s) to BUY 24-7 within 48 hours of receipt of the item(s). BUY 24-7 will reimburse the Customer for the costs of shipping and handling for return of such item(s) sent in error.

Customers must request a Return Authorisation (RA) number prior to returning any merchandise to BUY 24-7. A RA number is deemed effective for only 5 days including the day of issue. A RA number can be obtained by e-mailing our support staff. RA numbers are only issued when BUY 24-7 considers that the item(s) is faulty from the descriptions provided by the Customer.

Warranty Claim

All items sold under the Clearance Sale Category have no warranty.

Excepting for Clearance Sale Category item(s), all goods sold by BUY 24-7 come with a one year back to base manufacturer warranty, unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase. All warranties are not transferable.

Items under warranty cover will be replaced or repaired, as the case may be, by the manufacturer of the particular item in question. Where an item is under the warranty period, there will be no refund under any circumstances.

The warranty cover is only applicable for the item(s) sold by BUY 24-7. The warranty does not cover any other equipment used in conjunction with the item(s) sold by BUY 24-7. For example, if a SD card was purchased from BUY 24-7, then only the SD Card is covered by the warranty and not any equipment used in conjunction with the SD card.

Where the manufacturer accepts direct warranty claims from customers, BUY 24-7 will not handle the warranty claim for those items.

Dead on Arrival Items

Items which are not operational or functional for the item's specified purpose on arrival, known as dead on arrival (DOA) items, are eligible for replacement.

DOA items must be reported to BUY 24-7 via email within 3 days from receipt of the item(s). Failure to report a DOA item within 3 days will result in deemed acceptance of the item by the Customer. This is particularly important for printers, monitors etc where the manufacturers have strict guidelines.

Refunds for some items will be at the current market price - not at the original purchase price. This is due to rapid depreciation of computer/electronics part costs.

Customers must request a Return Authorisation (RA) number prior to returning any merchandise to BUY 24-7. A RA number is deemed effective for only 5 days including the day of issue. A RA number can be obtained by e-mailing our support staff. RA numbers are only issued when BUY 24-7 considers that the item(s) is faulty from the descriptions provided by the Customer.

A large percentage of returned items are found to be not faulty. If the returned items are determined by BUY 24-7 to not be faulty, the Customer must wear the costs for all returning shipping fees. BUY 24-7 also reserves the right to charge the labour cost for examining these items where no actual fault was found. The standard charge for assessing and returning a non-faulty component is approximately AUD$30.00 (depending on the item being assessed).

All warrantees are voided if the returned item(s) is found in any way to have been mishandled, misinstalled, modified, tampered, abused, physically damaged or used under wrong voltage etc.

BUY 24-7 is not responsible for data contents or the security of the data contents contained in any returned item(s).

Customer please note: BUY 24-7 workshops work under strict guidelines, not to intercept with any Customer data. It is, however, impossible to say that your data is 100% safe at any time.

We strongly recommend Customers back up all data prior to sending a faulty item to BUY 24-7 for assessment. Data may be lost or destroyed during testing, re-formatting etc of item(s). It is also beyond the scope of our control once the faulty item(s) is sent to our manufacturer.

BUY 24-7 may, at its absolute discretion, at the request of the Customer to backup the data on a faulty item(s) prior to a service job. This service will incur a standard labour fee of $20 AUD.

When returning a faulty item(s) under warranty, the Customer must also attach the following:

a. a copy of the original invoice or provide the original invoice number; and

b. a completed fault description sheet.

For RA returns, the Customer is responsible for:

a. proper packaging of the returned item (all warranties will be void on items that are insufficiently or inaccurately packaged); and

b. all the shipping and handling charges associated with returning the defective item(s).

If any item(s) returned under warranty claim is determined to be physically damaged, the item(s) will be returned to the customer as is. All drivers and packaging must accompany items returned.

Customers please note: BUY 24-7 recommend Customers to not destroy any boxes they receive with new computers. In the event of a fault or warranty claim, the boxes may be essential for return to BUY 24-7 or the manufacturer, as the case may be.

The Customer is responsible for any shipping and insurance cost involved in returning the warranty claim goods to BUY 24-7. BUY 24-7 is not responsible for any item(s) missing in transit, on its return back to BUY 24-7.

Item(s) discontinued by a manufacturer(s) shall be replaced by a similar item or BUY 24-7 will issue the Customer with a credit equivalent to the current market value or the purchase price of the item, whichever is lower.

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